Get Prepared with Your Neighbors

...while official help is is the personal ties among members of a community that determine survival during a disaster, and recovery in its aftermath.

The Key to Disaster Survival? Friends and Neighbors

You and your neighbors can use the steps on this page to help each other get prepared. You can also use this process with a group of friends, people from your faith community, a group of co-workers, etc.

  1. Identify the neighbors you want to invite. While ten to 20 households makes a manageable and efficient group, you can invite whatever number of households makes sense to you.
  2. Set a meeting date and location to talk about preparing together.
  3. Print out your Neighborhood Host Kit and selected Preparedness Handouts. The PREP Host Kit includes a checklist agenda and sign-in sheet for your first meeting, a flyer you can fill in and copy for your neighbors, signs, and PREP Bingo, an optional icebreaker.You'll need one copy per household of the flyers and handouts, plus one copy per person of the PREP Bingo cards.
  4. Personally invite your neighbors. You can leave the flyer with them as a reminder of the meeting place, day, and time.
  5. On the meeting day, put up the “Meeting Here” sign(s).
  6. Conduct the meeting using the simple-to-follow agenda.
  7. After the meeting, please let us know how it went. Click here to answer a few simple questions and provide any feedback.
  8. You and others in your group may want to sign up for the PREP email list for occasional updates and preparedness tips.


PREP Host Kit Materials

Download all Neighborhood Host Kit Materials (PDF)

First meeting flyer (PDF)
"Meeting Here" signs (PDF)
First meeting agenda (PDF)
Neighborhood_Sign-up_Sheet (PDF)
PREP Bingo (PDF) - optional icebreaker, one per person

Next Steps

To work with your neighbors on a plan for helping each other after a disaster, go on to Get Organized.