Get Organized

Neighborhood connections will be especially important in a disaster. If you’ve already begun by preparing your household, here’s how to reach out to help your neighbors get ready: go to Get Prepared with Your Neighbors.

Once you and your neighbors have a good start on household preparedness, you can use the Map Your Neighborhood (MYN) program to plan to help each other effectively after a disaster. Map Your Neighborhood walks your group through a simple step-by-step process to customize an emergency preparedness plan for your area. You will 

  • learn the nine steps to take immediately after a disaster
  • identify skills and equipment each neighbor has that are helpful in responding to a disaster
  • create a contact list and neighborhood map showing locations of neighbors who may need special help, and of natural gas and propane tanks that may need shutting off to prevent fire
  • learn to work together as a team to check on neighbors and hazards in the first hours after a disaster

Map Your Neighborhood is a great way to get to know or reconnect with your neighbors. More than just a quick wave, you’ll be working together and learning how to protect your families, friends and property.

The Map Your Neighborhood program comes in a handy booklet that keeps the information you gather in one place. Along with booklets for your neighborhood group, you can get a DVD that presents the program in a play-pause-discuss format. Alternatively, you can use the MYN Discussion Guide to present the program yourself. 

Get Map Your Neighborhood materials

Map Your Neighborhood booklets and videos are not available online. Check this page for how to get the following materials:

  • Map Your Neighborhood booklets – ask for one copy for each household (available in English and Spanish)
  • Map Your Neighborhood DVD - video that presents the information for you (in English – subtitled in English, Spanish, Russian, Korean and Chinese, and closed-captioned for the hearing impaired)

PREP does offer the following items:

Check back for alternative online resources for organizing your neighborhood.

More information

The Key to Disaster Survival? Friends and Neighbors

You may want to print for your neighbors these pages from the Map Your Neighborhood (MYN) Discussion Guide:

MYN Natural Gas Shut Off(PDF)

MYN Propane Gas Shut Off(PDF)

MYN Water and Electric Shut Off(PDF)

MYN Fire Extinguisher Safety(PDF)

MYN Basic Search and Rescue Procedures(PDF)

More information about Map Your Neighborhood here:

Television interview with Dr. LuAn Johnson, developer of the MYN Program
Map Your Neighborhood Slideshow 

What’s next?

You’ll want to get together with your neighbors regularly, twice a year or more, to practice your skills and keep information current. For more information, go to Get Confident.