Get Confident

Neighborhood drills can be among the most effective and fun ways to build preparedness.
Drills help make sure that everyone knows what to do, you have the right equipment, and the mapping of your neighborhood is accurate. Plus, they give you a chance to practice and improve your skills, and to build confidence.

Conducting a drill takes some planning. You’ll want to start easy and work up to more challenging drills. Look over the handouts below to decide which drill is best suited to your neighborhood, and to find tips on planning and conducting an effective drill.

Each drill lists the estimated time it will take, tasks that need to be done beforehand, the scenario, how to administer it in your neighborhood, and suggestions for evaluating the exercise. After the drill, be sure you make time to talk about lessons learned and adjust your plans as needed.

Conducting Effective Neighborhood Drills (PDF)
Planning Process for a Neighborhood Drill (PDF)
Neighborhood Drill Log (PDF)
Getting Organized Beginner Drill (PDF)
Advanced Neighborhood Earthquake Drill (PDF)

All Drill Handouts (PDF)

Check back for more drills.